EurotoneWood was established in 1999. The main factory is located in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. We deal with mainly Carpathian Spruce from the Carpathian Mountains. These are the STIFFEST tops in the world, very pretty in color, quarter sawn,with very nice cross silk, excellent tap tone. The moisture content is always less than 12%. The grain on the tops is tight,due to the high altitude of the location of the trees. The tops are prepared by professionals, who have been in this business for many years. The specie / botanical name of this wood is PICEA ABIES also reffered to as PICEA EXCELSA. The quality of the sound produced from these tops is INCREDIBLE. Best quality in the world. The Carpathian spruce is becoming the best quality wood to use for Luthiers and instrument makers alike. This wood is often compared to Adirondack Spruce, but it still possesses the best tonal quality. Once you try to build an instrument with this wood, you will never go back to using anything else. Because of the cosmetic similarities and great tone of the American Red Spruce some people call it Carpathian Red Spruce.