Clifford Johnsclamdancer

I wanted to say thank you for sending me such beautiful wood. I just opened the package that you sent and from first impressions it looks very good. I expect that I will continue to order more wood in the future.

Thanks again.

Tim Reede

Hello to every one,

I have been buying from Art and the gang for several years now , and they have always been conscious of quality,along with excellent communication. I Like the sound of Carpathian, and have had nothing but great results with the appearance and tone Quality of there products. I will continue to build with it the future.

My best
Tippin Guitars


I just strung up my first Carpathian spruce topped guitar. It’s about 48 hours old now and several friends have played it. Everyone has been extremely impressed with this one, with one very knowledgeable gentleman saying it may very well be the best guitar he’s ever played! Not bad coming from a former Winfield flatpicking champ! The guitar is extremely balanced, from the low E all the way up the neck.
It responds to a light touch and really pumps out the sound when you dig in. It has tremendous sustain too. The sound is very much like eastern red spruce, but with the “instant gratification” of Englemann.
The best of both worlds, in my opinion. I expected a lot from this wood after listening to the tap
tone when I got it, but wasn’t quite prepared for this! I’ll be using more Carpathian spruce in the future…. a lot more.

Best regards and Merry Christmas,

Lynn Dudenbostel



Just to let you know that the wood did arrive in Canada, and I gotta say…
It’s definitely unique compared to some of the material I’ve worked with.
Definitely looking forward to building with it.
Have left positive feedback, and look forward to dealing again.




I got the guitar wood today and it is perfect.

Thank you!



Hi, Art….

Just wanted to let you know that I received the spruce a few minutes ago.
It’s beautiful! I can hardly wait to use it, and I’m sure I will be ordering more!
Thanks once again.

Best regards,


I continually look to Eurotone Wood as a reliable supplier of archtop and flattop tonewoods. The high quality Carpathian spruce they import is among the finest spruce I have had the opportunity to work with in terms of stiffness, tonal clarity and appearance. Their product remains my first choice for European spruce.

Bill Comins